Silk nude and swarovski rhinestone pendant earrings

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Very creative style

Stud earrings in silk cocoons feather beads and gold metal
Materials used:, Silk Pearl

Stud earrings for pierced ears or clips for unperforated ears with the choice (unspecified pierced ear studs will be privileged), style sleeves in silk cocoons
cornucopia style cascading fancy pearls nude

Superb pair of long sleeves style earrings (drops) silk rhinestone chain and glass beads
Mixing of materials:
coordinated multicolored glass beads, silk cocoon, swarovski strass chains, assorted exotic feathers and gold-colored metal hooks

Dimension of the earrings:
Length: about 12 cm (with the nail)

Weight of an earring: about 15 grams

These unique high-fantasy earrings have required long hours of work and shaping to achieve a harmonious result

You can wear this model for any occasion to accessorize with several styles of outfits

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