Giant hoop earrings ethnic design style peacock feathers turquoise and bronze tones

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Large and long design hoop earrings with peacock feathers
New version bronze metal charms

*** Ideal for standing out ***

Design hoop style earrings revisited with very colorful ethnic inspirations, mounted on metal enhanced with fancy pearls in crystal and hammered metal in bronze color embellished with 10 superb iridescent peacock feathers, rare and of beautiful natural quality from the tail peacock, assembled and cut in a mobile style by hand, all coordinated in different shades of blue, turquoise, green, anise, copper, bronze, brown, midnight blue, eggplant,
Measurements of the earrings offered here:
diameter of the hoops approximately 6 cm
Width of a feather approximately 4 cm, length of a feather approximately 11 cm
Total length (without hooks) about 23 cm
Weight about 10 grams (the earring) so light weight and very comfortable
Materials used: Copper colored metal, Feathers
These earrings required several long hours of careful work done by hand, in order to create the harmony of the materials.

made-to-measure earrings are made within 10 to 15 days
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